Space Law

Our Space Law practice group services commercial satellite and aerospace businesses and governments.  Our clients in the U.S. and around the world include leading space insurers, major aerospace companies, satellite manufacturers and operators, satellite component manufacturers, launch service providers, ground station operators, space tourism firms, and government space agencies. 

We offer our clients "one-stop shopping" in satellite and aerospace matters, and advise in areas such as:

  • Space business planning and implementation;
  • Commercial space contract drafting and negotiation and transaction completion (e.g., satellite purchase contracts, launch services agreements, transponder leases, and space asset purchase agreements);
  • Space asset acquisition, space project investment, satellite financing, and legal due diligence;
  • Contractual and legal risk analysis and mitigation;
  • Space insurance (property, liability and other);
  • International space contract dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration/litigation (e.g., satellite purchase contracts, insurance coverage, launch agreements, and subrogation);
  • Space technology exports and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) licensing, regulation and compliance;
  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU) frequency coordination and preparing and advocating positions for ITU World Radio Conferences;
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensing and regulation;
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launch (orbital and suborbital) licensing, regulation and compliance;
  • International space trade, foreign investment, and bilateral agreements;
  • Unidroit Space Protocol on security interests in space assets;
  • Satellite navigation and GNSS liability;
  • Satellite remote sensing policy, licensing and compliance;
  • Government (e.g., NASA and Air Force) contracts, including "CCDev;"
  • Intergovernmental bilateral negotiations and agreements;
  • Antitrust and other forms of competition law;
  • Congressional legislation;
  • National space policy; and
  • International space treaties (Outer Space Treaty, Liability Convention, and Registration Convention).

In addition, our consulting arm, Farragut International, L.L.C., offers consulting services in the space and aerospace fields in a broad range of business disciplines, including strategic planning, market analysis, project finance, and marketing and distribution.  We draw on an extensive array of space and aerospace experts to create the ideal team for your specific project.

Attorneys:  Pamela L. Meredith

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