Our clients come to us for assistance with problem solving, and our approach is to develop custom-tailored strategies for each particular client.  The first step in any project is an analysis of the client's needs and the development of a strategy for addressing those needs.  The solution may involve a legislative strategy, it may be at the agency level, it may be operational, it may be legal, or it may be a combination of one or more approaches.  After close cooperation with the client in developing the right strategy, we implement the plan designed to achieve the optimal result.

For those clients who engage us on legislative matters, we maintain close relationships with appropriate Members of the U.S. Congress (both House and Senate) and with the relevant Committee staff, and, where appropriate, we act as the "Washington office" for a client's legislative projects.  The solution in a given case may be a broad, "grass roots" approach, a group effort by those with common interests, or it may be a highly focused "surgical strike."  Potential solutions include the introduction of new legislation, the development and submission of appropriations requests, earmarking for special projects, report language, hearing submissions and questions, obtaining Congressional pressure on agencies with respect to specific issues and needs, and drafting and "shepherding" the passage of legislation through to completion.

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