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Pamela L. Meredith

Phone: (202) 625-4890

Pamela L. Meredith advises clients in the following areas: Commercial space project planning and implementation, commercial space transactions, risk management and insurance, licensing and regulation, export controls, dispute resolution, and commercial arbitration.

Ms. Meredith has been an Adjunct Professor of Satellite Communications and Space Law at American University's law school in Washington, D.C. since 1989.



Practice Areas

Contracts. Ms. Meredith advises on satellite and launch-related transactional matters, e.g., satellite and space hardware and service procurements, space asset acquisitions, and satellite-related joint ventures and alliances. She drafts and negotiates launch services agreements, satellite procurement contracts, satellite service agreements, transponder leases, hosted payload contracts, geospatial services contracts, and ground station service agreements. Ms. Meredith has also provided expert testimony in arbitration and litigation.

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration. Ms. Meredith counsels clients on commercial space contract dispute resolution and in arbitration. She is also on the American Arbitration Association/International Center for Dispute Resolution’s Panel on Aviation, Aerospace and National Security.

Insurance. Ms. Meredith advises clients on satellite and launch (including human spaceflight) project risk management and insurance. She drafts policy language, provides coverage opinions, and advises on coverage defense.

U.S. Government Consultation. Ms. Meredith represents satellite and aerospace clients in consultations with the U.S. government, including the White House, Congress, Department of State, Department of Defense, and NASA. She also advises on bilateral and multilateral satellite and space-related intergovernmental agreements.

Export. Ms. Meredith counsels clients on U.S. government export controls, including ITAR and EAR licensing and compliance. She helps obtain licenses and approvals, including for technical assistance agreements (TAA) and technology retransfers.

FAA Licensing. Ms. Meredith advises clients on the Commercial Space Launch Act.  She represents clients before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in licensing and  rulemaking proceedings and on compliance matters. She has also advised the FAA and foreign government agencies on developing launch regulation.  She testified before a Congressional subcommittee on the Commercial Space Launch Act and human space flight legislation.

FCC Licensing. Ms. Meredith has assisted or advised on foundational FCC satellite rulemaking and licensing proceedings for fixed satellite service (C-, Ku- and Ka-bands), mobile satellite service (geostationary, "Big LEO" and "Little LEO"), and position-location service. She has also testified as an expert witness in litigation on the interpretation of FCC regulations.

Memberships. Ms. Meredith chaired the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics' (AIAA) Legal Aspects Committee (2005-2010). She served on the Governing Committee of the American Bar Association’s Forum on Air & Space Law (2012-2014).  She is a member of the Cosmos Club of Washington, D.C. 


  • McGill University, Air & Space Law Institute (LL.M., 1983)
  • University of Oslo School of Law (J.D. equivalent, 1981)


  • District of Columbia; New York

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