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Attorneys & Government Affairs Staff

Mark. A. Ringel
Richard A. Allen
Malcolm L. Benge
James A. Calderwood
William H. Callaway, Jr.
Frank J. Costello
David M. Endersbee
Jonathon H. Foglia
Robert T. Francis (Senior Policy Advisor)
James A. Harris
Ralph L. Kissick
Richard D. Mathias
Pamela L. Meredith
Philip W. Owens
Lonnie Anne Pera
Jol A. Silversmith
Alexander T. Simpson
Charles J. Simpson, Jr.
Rachel B. Trinder
Gerald L. Waid
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Meet Our Attorneys

Charles Simpson's practice principally involves advising airlines, other aviation-related businesses and governmental bodies in such areas as government regulation (e.g., DOT and FAA), international bilateral relations, commercial and marketing transactions, litigation and antitrust.

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