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The firm provides legal assistance on a broad range of matters pertaining to transportation security, including issues before the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  We advise on airport and operation security plans, and assist in compliance assessments.  We are particularly experienced in advising clients on airport and aircraft physical security requirements and threat assessments. We also advise on issues such as the challenges and questions related to new airport screening technology, including deployment of advanced imaging technology at airport checkpoints, the TSA's "12/5" program, and Secure Flight compliance.  We also liaise with TSA headquarters on international air service matters as needed: increasingly TSA security oversight of foreign airports is playing a role in the implementation of international air service, and security issues at foreign airports can be a critical obstacle to air service development.  TSA policy and regulations are ever-changing as security threats evolve, and we work with clients to manage their security-related concerns and responsibilities.  In addition, we assist airline clients with applications to participate in various voluntary aviation trade and security programs, including the International Air Carrier Initiative, the Advance Passenger Information System, the Visa Waiver Program, and the Customs-Trade Participation Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.


Practice Area Members - Transportation Security

James A. Calderwood

David M. Endersbee

Lonnie Anne Pera

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