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What We’ve Done


Farragut International and its personnel, either on their own or in conjunction with an assembled team of experts, has been key to the success of a great many projects. The following is a sampling of those projects:

  • Farragut assembled a broad aviation coalition to successfully oppose legislation that would have severely disadvantaged private operators of aircraft in competition for contracts offered by state and local governments.
  • Farragut worked with a major Asian airport to promote new air services to that airport by U.S. airlines.
  • Farragut won in legislation multi-million dollar funding for a highway project essential to a non-profit medical facility.
  • Farragut has assisted foreign airlines obtain their FAA ops specs in a timely manner in order to begin service to the U.S.
  • Farragut helped a developer assemble an effective proposal to provide a major facility to the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Farragut led the successful effort to pass legislation creating a new program to provide financial assistance to the bus industry.
  • Farragut advised a foreign airline in successfully correcting security problems at a foreign airport and thereby avoiding imminent listing of that airport by DOT as not meeting security standards.
  • Farragut has assisted a major U.S. airport expand its international air service and seek additional funding for capital expansion of the airport.
  • Farragut has advised numerous carriers and countries about FAA's International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program, and on other FAA enforcement issues and operational requirements.
  • Farragut provided overall strategic advice and message development for a major transportation trade association in its effort to stall imposition of new economic regulations by the Department of Transportation.
  • Farragut works with a major U.S. manufacturer on water pollution issues at airports.
  • Farragut has assisted a major air traffic control contractor in its efforts in Latin America.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Lonnie Pera is a partner at Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger, focusing her practice on three areas: airline law and regulation; international aviation law; and international trade. Her trade practice often overlaps with the firm's aviation practice and focuses on doing business in Cuba.

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